August Exhibition

I am having a solo exhibition called “Having Wings,” which will open at Selby Fleetwood Gallery, in Santa Fe, on August 5th. .


  I just built this head of a canine. It is constructed from lead, mountain bike tires, and nails. Dificullis mixed media/found objects 7″ x 8″ x 5″ 2016


I just finished building this Western Screech Owl. Tricolor About To Land Mixed media/found objects 20″ x 34″ x 12″ 2016

(no title)

Here are the finished raven’s wings. I was surprised by how large they are. I guess when a raven is flying it is difficult to see their wings in full extension. Imparatus Mixed media/found objects 9″ x 44″ x 3″ 2016

Bird wings

I am building a pair of raven’s wings. It is amazing how long they are-almost four feet.


  This magpie is just landing on this chair. Hova Lands Mixed media/found objects 32″ x 21″ x 24″ 2016

(no title)

This flying shore bird will be exhibited at SOFA Chicago in November.

SOFA Chicago Invitation

  This is the image that Winterowd Gallery is going to use for a handout at SOFA Chicago. On Friday, November 6, at 11am, I am going to be giving a talk about my work. I hope to see you there.  


  Every day I see or hear something that more or less kills me with delight, that leaves me like a needle in the haystack of light. It was what I was born for— to look, to listen, to lose myself inside this soft world— to instruct myself over and over in joy, and acclamation. […]

Undue Influence

Undue Influence Several years ago I built this blue figure. It is about two feet long. I brought it to one of my galleries and the director hated it, just could not stand it. So (stupidly) I brought it back to my studio and tookit apart and used the parts for other pieces. All I can […]